Are you five star ready?

This is the kind of thing you want to see in your reviews!

How do you know if your rental space is ready to rack up five star ratings or is at risk of bad reviews? There’s no substitute for staying there yourself, preferably for a few nights. You’ll quickly see what it’s you’re missing and ways you might improve the space.​

But you can never be totally objective – you put your heart and soul into this place, after all. You need an experienced eye, and that’s me. I’ve stayed in and reviewed some of the top hotels in the world – from the Four Seasons to the Plaza Athénée Paris – and of course stayed in many Airbnbs, guest houses, and B&Bs myself. My 10 years+ of hosting guests in my own homes has been a priceless experience in understanding what guests want and need – including what can cause a bad review (yes, I’ve had them too!)

​​So. You can open your doors and let the guests and reviews start rolling in. Or you can let me come give you the scoop before anyone can write a review that stays on your page forever. No pressure.

Choose from two levels of review service (within metro Louisville, or if you pony up for my travel, anywhere)

Superhost walk-through

I’ll come scope out your space and assess what makes you shine and where you can use improvement. That’s a nice way of saying I will nitpick every single thing a human being could possibly find to complain about. Look, I had someone complain that I didn’t have a bread knife once. You would be amazed at what people can come up.  Don’t be scared – that’s what I’m here for. We’ll develop a plan for you to get five star ready. The rest is up to fate (and free tip: there’s no controlling for that — only how you deal with it).

Investment: Four times your nightly rate (minimum $325)

Travel writer overnight review

Now we’re big time! They say to walk a mile in someone’s shoes if you want to know them. Well, in addition to the superhost walk-through, I’ll spend a night in the guest bed. There’s no better way to anticipate potential issues than to experience your Airbnb just like they would so I’ll book a night, check in, hang out, and use all your amenities.

You sleep tight:  instead of wondering what bizarre thing a guest leaving a review will tell every future potential guest, you’ve got me and my tough love providing you detailed, no-holds-barred feedback on every aspect of the stay. You can be confident before you open your doors to paying strangers that you’ve done everything humanly possible to give them an amazing stay.

Investment: Your weekly rate (minimum $500)

What else? Write a winning listing description!

​Hey, wanna save some money?

If you really mean business, bundle either review service with the description writing and I’ll take $50 off the total. Contact me to get started.