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Are you ready to start making money on your guest room, wanna launch a full time Airbnb, or maybe just want to rent your home in Louisville for the Kentucky Derby? Don’t know where to start? Get invaluable insights from a long-time Airbnb superhost and professional writer.

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Hi! I I woke up to a milestone, 1001 followers ✨ With that I thought I'd say hello and welcome to anybody new here. I'm a freelance writer, but my side passion is creating spaces for travelers to call home. This lovely feature in @bflouisville may sum it up best: . 🖋️Dana said that being an @Airbnb host has allowed her and her husband to have some flexibility and to live in a wonderful Victorian home in Old Louisville. “Part of what I like about old houses is that they have a sense of stories within their walls,” she said. “I feel like having the ability to host travelers, they bring their own stories with them and they leave a little bit of that behind. Those stories build into what this house has become over the last 130 years. “Vertigo is filled with my heart and soul,” Dana said, looking around the apartment. “I’m in this because I genuinely love it, not to become a short-term rental mogul. So, I just have a blast making sure guests have a memorable and inspiring travel experience.”🖋️ . #thisisoldlouisville

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