The time we helped our Airbnb guests elope

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This is why I'm an @airbnb host: On a beautiful Monday night we got to be part of this magical evening. This couple traveled from Louisiana to Louisville to elope (I didn't know until after they booked!) and we were so lucky to have the chance to help them find the perfect spot in Old Louisville to say I Do, to be able to line up a Shakespearean actor (our wonderful neighbor!) ready — with Sonnet 17 by Neruda — to officiate, and to be the official witnesses to their wedding. I also got to play wedding photographer 🙂 Some guests just pass through and that's ok. But sometimes there's a chance to connect with people at a time in their lives they'll never forget, and *that* is why we open our home to travelers. ❤️

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Yep. That happened.

When Shane from Louisiana booked our third floor Airbnb, Vertigo, I didn’t know he was on a mission. He and his fiancee, Rachel, were bringing their dog, Millie, to explore Louisville, maybe do some hiking, he said. I sent him my for-guests-only list of favorite places in town and went about my business.

Then, an email a few days later from Rachel: “This will actually be our honeymoon trip,” it read. “I wanted to message you and maybe see if you have any ideas of how to go about our elopement.”

She wanted a place to say a “quick ‘I do’” and ideas for where to take photos on a tripod with a borrowed camera, she went on. They wanted things to be special, even though they’d be simple.

Honeymoon! Elopement!? No pressure there. But I do like a challenge.

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How much I ❤️ my work: 💯

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