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Three little hacks for smarter Airbnb hosting

You know the saying work smarter not harder?  Well, don’t let anyone tell you Airbnb hosting isn’t hard work. But there are ways to be smart about it. I’m sharing three of my best tips in my most recent How-to Host in Courier Journal.

Know what kind of guests to expect

Sure you want to read reviews previous hosts left for anyone who wants to book your place. But look, unless the guest threw a gigantic party, most of them are going to say something similar because nobody wants to look like a grouchy host. The truth is in the reviews the guests leave their previous hosts. Here’s where you see if they’re going to nitpick every last detail of a place that otherwise gets rave reviews — red flag, red flag!— or if they’re reasonable human beings you’d like to share your home with.

The trouble is, Airbnb doesn’t make it easy to see this information. You have to go to the traveler’s profile page, and click on each review they’ve left to navigate to that host’s page, and then scroll down to find where your potential guest left them a review. Major pain.

But there’s an easy solution. Keep reading –>

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