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Have dogs, will travel

If you’re not allowing dogs at your Airbnb you may be missing out on the best guests. Granted, I’m a little biased, but in my mind dog people are the best people. If you think all dogs are bad news for your short term rental it may be time to reconsider.

There are a lot of reasons not to accept dogs at your Airbnb. As someone who is an Airbnb superhost, I understand them all. But I am here to tell you that when you help dog-lovers travel with their entire family, they will love you for it.

Many couples who had fur babies want to be able to take their pup away when they travel out of town. But often it’s incredibly difficult to find a nice place that will accommodate everyone comfortably. As a family with dogs (including a big part-mountain dog ) we know just how hard it is to find a nice place to stay that will welcome your furry friend.

If you are renting your pad as an Airbnb, you can set yourself apart pretty easily by doing something so few other hosts do. Some hosts even go to extremes to prohibit dogs, including service dogs.

So show some kindness and these guests will be eternally grateful— and express that in respect for your home, rave reviews, and even return visits.

Still not sold? Let’s see if I can allay some fears you may have.

[Keep reading at Courier Journal]


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