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Have you done the one thing you can’t miss before you take your first Airbnb booking?

You’ve got your Airbnb listing up and bookings are rolling in. You’re good to go right? Hold up.

So you’re ready to take your first Airbnb booking and think you have done everything you need. You’ve shopped for the right linens, cleaned the place within an inch of its life, and stocked it with all the necessities you can imagine.

But you may be overlooking one very important task that’s crucial to providing a place travelers rave about: you have to stay there yourself. Or, if it’s your own house and not a separate space, you must have an objective party stay.

The only way to truly understand how a space will fit the needs of overnight guests is to put yourself in their shoes. How else do you come to realize you need a pizza slicer, or know that you need to add a reading lamp to a corner?

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If you need an objective (and critical!) eye, I can help. You can book my travel writer walk-through or overnight stay for an exhaustive look at anything a guest might be lacking in your Airbnb. Guests won’t spare your feelings in reviews and I won’t either. Call it tough love if you like, but better coming from me than showing up on your review page!

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