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So you want to rent your house for the Kentucky Derby?

Inquiring minds in Louisville want to know: how do I rent my house for the Kentucky Derby?

In this week’s How-To Host in Courier Journal I share answers to seven big questions about renting your house for the big weekend, including the one everybody wants to know — how much can I make? (Answer: a LOT)

You’ve probably heard about people renting their home for the Kentucky Derby and then using the cash to take a big vacation or remodel their house and thought it seemed too good to be true. That much money, just to let someone else sleep in your bed? Too easy, right?

I’m here to tell you it’s totally true. People coming to the Derby are on a bucket list kind of trip, and when the most basic hotels are charge eye-popping sums, who can blame race fans for looking for alternatives that include a kitchen and living room? Especially when they share the cost among three or four couples, a house is the way to go.

And that leaves us sitting pretty in Derby City. Renting out your own home to perfect strangers has gone from an eyebrow-raising curiosity when I started years ago to a verb, as in “We’re going to Airbnb our house.”

But if this is all new to you, there are a few things to know before you can start counting your big bucks. And yes, we’ll get to your most burning question right off the bat. Keep reading at Courier Journal.

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