how-to host

In which I share everything you don’t even know to ask about Airbnb




Here goes! After more than 10 years of both freelance writing and short term rental hosting I’m colliding my worlds with a new column all about Airbnb hosting.

The How-To Host in Louisville’s Courier Journal kicked off last week with the first installment whereby I explain why exactly people who want to Airbnb their homes might want to listen me. Namely that I’ve been doing this a long time, I’ve made a lot of mistakes (let’s call them inadvertent learning experiences, shall we?), and I’ve worked out how to translate my experiences as a travel writer into serving other travelers as a host in tune with their needs.Β  In other words, a superhost.


Each week in the column I’ll share some of my best tips and hard-won wisdom in hopes of equipping wannabe superhosts to also provide some true Louisville hospitality.

If you have ideas for topics to cover or burning questions I should address in upcoming issues please do let me know! And if you are ready to launch your own five star Airbnb and need a little help that’s what I’m here for.

And here’s a clip from the first article:

She’s the Airbnb superhost of Louisville. And she made all the mistakes so you don’t have to

The first time I rented my house for the Kentucky Derby, Airbnb didn’t exist.

Friends thought I was crazy for handing over the keys to our Germantown bungalow to strangers. β€œWhat if people lick your bowls and put them back in the cupboard?” one asked.

β€œFor what they’re paying,” (about three months’ mortgage!) β€œI’ll wash the dishes,” I said.

It was 2007 and the sharing economy wasn’t yet a sparkle in anyone’s eye. But looking for ways to fund our travel obsession, my husband and I had no objection to letting strangers sleep in our bed for a few nights. As much time as we’d spent in beds that other people had slept in around the globe, it wasn’t that big a leap.

I put up a page to advertise on my travel blog, and with almost no competition it ended up a top result for the search term β€œrent a house for the Kentucky Derby.” We booked it in no time.

As it turned out, we were crazy, or at least naive, because we took a check from our guests … [keep reading at Courier Journal]

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