you get what you pay for

Why I spent $700 on bed linens for my Airbnb

People come to your Airbnb for any number of reasons, but guaranteed — they’re spending some time, a lot of time, between the sheets. In fact I bet most people spend the majority of their time in your space in bed.

The last thing I want them to think in our guest bed is ‘ewww! Those sheets feel cheap/pilly/rough/synthetic/name your own icky thing.’

We humans like things that feel nice. And we’re not just talking about touching something with your index finger. Your entire body is between the sheets. For hours. That’s a lot of skin to fabric contact. (If that grosses you out you might want to reconsider becoming a host – there will be lots of facts of life.)

So that fabric needs to feel good. Really good. Also, it needs to stand up to being washed over and over and over. I’ll never understand the hosts who buy the cheapest possible sheets. It makes you look cheap and like you don’t care about guests’ comfort. Not a good combination in a scenario where your success depends on highly subjective reviews. Yeah, sheets will eventually get stained or damaged. That sucks. But [shakes head] that’s not a reason to cheap out.

When guests get in bed you want the response to be ahhhhhhh. That starts with a great, comfy bed (more on that later) but just as important is high quality, natural fabric linens.

Convinced? You can head to the department store and start feeling all the sheets. That might be a little weird (but believe me I feel *everything* before I buy it). After years of buying and being disappointed in sheets I’ve found my personal winner.

It’s Brooklinen.

Their stuff is the real deal. And it’s not cheap. But you get what you pay for, at least in the world of bed sheets. It’s all-cotton, sumptuous-feeling bliss, basically. I get the percale even though I constantly fight wrinkles because I like the matte finish, but that’s a personal preference. Wash them in the Laundress detergent (I am truly obsessed with this stuff, more to come there, too) and nobody will want to get out of bed.

When you put this much care and attention into sheets, people may not consciously say, hey, these hosts really care! But believe you me, they notice.

And, as you would hope with something that’s in line with what you’d call investment-grade, Brooklinen stands behind their goods. When I found a seam coming apart on a pillowcase after a few months I snapped a photo and sent it to customer service, who were appropriately aghast. I got an apology and a replacement set dispatched immediately.

So, how much are we talking anyway? You’re looking at $198 for a “bundle” with sheets, four pillowcases, and a duvet cover for a queen. (That’s 25% less than buying them separately). The down comforter, which is light enough for year-round use, is $349. I have two of the bundles because I need to be able to switch things out without waiting for a wash. It adds up fast, but you can catch deals. And hey, speaking of deals — you saw this one coming — use code VERTIGO if you decide to treat your guests to these sweet sheets and you’ll get 10 percent off.

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